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Monterey Boats is a world leader in style and innovation. With a lifetime MVP warranty, award winning design, cutting edge technology & unmatched quality, Monterey Boats sets the bar for sport boats and sport yachts very high.

Macky Marine has been selling and maintaining Monterey sports boats from it's Dubai base for over 10 years. The range of Monterey boats are well suited to the climate and conditions in the UAE making them an ideal family boat.


The Monterey Difference

Award Winning Design

Stepping aboard a Monterey means stepping into the future, as each award-winning design continually sets the standard for a luxury performance craft. Every aspect of our models is a testament to our company's commitment to perfection and to you, our customer. We continue to provide you with exceptional products that are living, breathing extensions of your waterborne recreational lifestyle and the best boats in the industry.

Proven Innovation

Monterey's engineers work hard to make sure our boats are the leaders in innovation. Monterey is one of the few boating manufacturers that update their model line every year. We consistently stay ahead of the curve to bring the very best boats in the marketplace.

Unmatched Quality

Monterey employs only the most talented, experienced and dedicated production personnel. Our models aren't just the most innovative, most reliable and best built boats by chance. Our proven construction techniques and quality-driven processes keep us at the forefront of our competition time and again.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our 5-step process uses the latest in 3D modeling software. After benchmarking our product, we develop a new concept and generate 3D models to calculate crucial aspects such as center of gravity and displacements. We create partial scale models for design then full scale models to ensure use of every cubic inch onboard. We thoroughly test and monitor each boat for performance, electronics, engines and endurance. The latest routers produce symmetrical and geometrically perfect parts and the best boats in the industry.

Lifetime MVP Warranty

We stand behind every boat we build with the best warranty in the industry - Monterey's MVP - the Most Valuable Protection plan. MVP is a shield that protects the most important elements of your boat. MVP begins with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on your hull and deck, transferable for up to 10 years. No one else can offer protection this strong!

Macky Marine & Formula

As the exclusive distributor for Formula Boats in the Middle East & Africa Macky Marine is the official sales & service point for Formula boats in the GCC & Africa region. With over ten years of experience in selling and supporting Formula boats in Dubai and the Middle East region our experience and knowledge is second to none.