RNK 310 EC 000 a 928Rinker Express Cruiser 310 LE

When you're looking at family sport boats or express cruisers, sooner or later it all comes down to one word: Value. As in best-boat-for-the-money value. When it comes to comfort, performance and versatility, the Rinker Boats lineup offers a wide variety of models, no matter how you enjoy spending your time on the water.


Length (L.O.A.)   33'1" (10.09 M)
Beam   126 (3.2 M)
Maximum HP    
Draft, Drive Up   25 (0.64 M)
Approximate Wet Weight   13575 (6158 KG)
Approximate Dry Weight   12005 (5445 KG
Fuel Capacity   142 (538 L)
Person Capacity   Yacht Certified



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